New Lunch Menu of September at 8 ½ Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA Shanghai


Riccardo La Perna, Executive Chef


Together with the comfort breeze in early autumn, 8 ½ Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA Shanghai launched brand new lunch menu of September. As the brilliant yet soft sunshine, the whole menu, from appetizer to the main course, presents diverse Sicilian ocean flavor, a truly feast with early autumn delicacies.



Mackerel|from Spain, charred, citrus salad

Best selected Mackerel with delicate and white flesh, fresh yet glutinous. Marinate the Mackerel for 20 minutes, grill by charcoal and place into a mixture herb oil of lemon juice, garlic, Italian parsley and thyme. Carefully take out the pulp of white pomelo, golden pomelo and red pomelo and shatter it by liquid nitrogen. After thawing, stir the fruit with orange sauce, Japanese Yuzu peel and olive oil then put it on top of the Mackerel.


Spaghetti|artisanal bronze cut pasta, “alle vongole”

Steam clams with garlic, garlic oil, fish broth and Italian coriander, then cook the pasta with clam broth and sprinkle with butter and crouton. The premium Italian pasta brand VERRIGNI uses gold molds to cut their pasta to give it a distinctive flavor and texture, and every pasta sticks the rich seafood flavor. Spread some butter and croutons before serving.


Cod|confit in Liguria extra virgin olive oil, yellow zucchini clear soup, fine herbs

Cod fish gently confit in Ligurian oil. Along with steamed zucchini, pumpkin leaves and sesame leaves to add a fresh taste. Serving with the rich and thick consomme of zucchini with sea urchin. Different layers of ocean umami.


Cassata|traditional sicilian semifreddo-gelato, cherries coulis, meringues

Triple layers ice-cream: vanilla, rich chocolate and pistachio. The surprising center layer combines the chocolate chip and candied lemon and orange peel with pistachio flavor to increase the texture and aroma. Pour cherry syrup and on top is the homemade Ricotta cheese and pistachio crumbs. Aside is fluffy pistachio flavored sponge cake. A dessert full of Italian sweetness.