New Lunch Menu of August at 8 ½ Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA Shanghai

In this season, Sicily island is now full of brightness, freshness and is rich in natural resources. Carrying on the summer memories of Italy the hometown, chef Riccardo La Perna has designed the brand new lunch menu of August with abundant summer ingredients and his ingenuity, presenting his signature seafood delicacies, pasta and dessert with traditional yet innovative manners.






Tuna|tataki, garden aromatic salad, mustard sorbet


The beautiful lunch starts with tuna tataki, garden aromatic salad and mustard sorbet. The selected tuna belly is quickly seared and seasoned with a mix of spices including wild fennel powder, Espelette chili, orange, coriander and sweet paprika. The sauce is made with white balsamic vinegar and ginger emulsion. On top of the fish decorates fields salad with red cabbage, while on the side is arugula and mustard sorbet. Fresh yet sophisticated.



Linguine|artisanal pasta from Abruzzo, red king prawn, fresh cherry tomatoes


Artisanal pasta of Italian supreme brand Verrigni matches the simply seasoned red king prawn. The taste of the flesh is sweet yet elastic, bringing a contrasting texture with the pasta. The cherry tomatoes perfectly leverage classic Italian flavor to diverse layers. Stir-fried all the ingredients with olive oil, garlic and chili, conveying a pure and charming flavor.



Lamb|New Zealand “Te Mana” chop, Barolo vinegar jus, garden salad


Coated with a mix crust of basil, parsley and seasalt, the main dish, New Zealand lamb, is made in a complicated way. Lamb jus scented with tomato water, Barolo vinegar and mint. Three delicate sides are barley with seasonal vegetables, sweet and sour eggplant with aromatic salad and cherry tomato emulsion. All splendid yet fuse together well.



Gelato|traditional sicilian hazelnut ice cream “Moretto”, tuiles


The outer attractiveness of the dessert Gelato is beyond description. Break the chocolate coat to find the surprise inside! At the bottom is a wafer made with milk chocolate and butter hazelnut jam, and the exquisite leaves are made by butter frosting dough. One bite and you could feel the full aromatic sweetness in your mouth. A perfect ending for lunch.



We are looking forward to sharing the seasonally limited summer delicacies with you!