Dragon Boat Festival special i gelati lancunsini at 8 ½ Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA Shanghai

Here comes the Dragon Boat Festival! 8 ½ Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA Shanghai launches a limited dessert, i gelati lancunsini in the dinner set, which will be only served during the festival from 25th to 27th June. It truly integrates gelato into the selected fruits, presenting a marvelous feast of visual and taste.


i gelati lancunsini originated in 1962 @Gelateria Matteo


Originated in 1962, i gelati lancunsini was created in Lancusi near costiera amalfitana of Italy. The inventor’s original intention was to retain the original taste of the ingredients and merged tradition and innovation into a gelato. It is not only a fancy dessert, but an artwork reflecting the romantic genes of the Italians. Even after centuries, i gelati lancunsini still uses the original technics to ensure the perfect match of fruits and gelato.


i gelati lancunsini @8 ½ Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA Shanghai


This time, 8 ½ Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA Shanghai presents the pure Italian i gelati lancunsini on the table and selects fresh fruits, such as passion fruits, cherries, strawberries, walnut, figs, etc. All of these are made into frozen and then filled with gelato in the middle. It contains centuries of Italian art history and can meet all your fantasy about summer.


Chef Riccardo La Perna chooses from his signature dishes over the years and launches the “Menu Collezioni” evening set. Reservations are now open at RMB 2580 with 10% service charge per person. A limited dessert, i gelati lancunsini, which will be only served during the festival.

Menu includes seasonal seafood ingredients such as tuna, amadai, fresh lobster, etc. Plus, the menu features the ocean-rich Cavatelli, which is also proud by the chef, Tortellini, which is filled with veal and prosciutto, and 8 ½ Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA signature dessert Tiramisù with ice-cream affogato. All the dishes can drive you a trip to Sicily within seconds.






In addition to the dinner set, the June “il Pranzo” menu featuring Sicilian flavors such as fresh Hokkaido scallops, roasted Dutch tenderloin and Sgroppino are making diners heart-stirring. Hurry to seize the last opportunity to taste it!