Brand New Lunch Menu in June at 8 ½ Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA Shanghai

A brand new “il pranzo” menu, launched by 8 ½ Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA Shanghai in June, bringing an array of refreshing and delicate flavors from Sicily, Italy.



Chef Riccardo La Perna has found a wealth of creative possibilities in the new menu, with strictly selected ingredients. To start with fresh Hokkaido scallops, peculiar tender and sweet seafood to tease the taste bud. Lobster pasta brings you back to chef’s hometown, Sicilia with its marvelous delicacy. Along side the roasted dutch tenderloin is mushroom ragout and green gnocchetti, create together a symphony of palates. The menu is ended up with refreshing ice cream sorbet with limoncello and grappa, to inspire your early summer.



Scallop | pan seared hokkaido scallop, light gazpacho, chef’s caviar selection

Hokkaido scallop has firm texture with rich and sweet flavour. It is panseared. Underneath is the gazpacho which is a cold soup made of tomato to give freshness and acidity. On top is caviar which gives the sapidity to the dish. A good way to start the meal.



Linguine | “cav.cocco” artisanal pasta, lobster, garden vegetables jus

Pasta Cavaliere Giuseppe Cocco is the most traditional italian pasta made in Fara San Martino, Abruzzo Italy. Al dente pasta with the fresh and sweet lobster accompanied with a peruvian baby tomato. Simple but delicious.



Veal | roasted dutch tenderloin, mushroom ragout & green gnocchetti, garden leaves

Roasted Dutch tenderloin which is the most tender part and finest cut of the veal served with the morel mushroom ragout and green gnochetti on the bottom. An entrèe which you could enjoy.



Sgroppino | traditional & refreshing lemon ice cream-sorbet, limoncello, grappa

Traditional and refreshing ice cream sorbet with limoncello and grappa. A wow factor to end your meal.



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