New Summer Cocktails at 8 ½ Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA Shanghai


Here comes the hot summer! A cool cocktail with the stunning Bund scenery can drive away all the hot waves. This season, Shanghai 8 ½ Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA launches brand new summer cocktails, which are themed by seasonal fruits. From tomato, passionfruit, waxberry to apricot, the cocktail menu is combined with different inspirations and brings freshness to the city.



Summer Cocktails


Pomodori | Tomato, Basil

It was a long day in the sun. After walking on the street, what you are looking for is a glass of water. Chilled and clear. But you know what? You can find the real protagonist hiding in this liquid only after you taste it!


Poping-Rock | Passion fruit, Thyme

What is the summer? It’s the sunshine, the hot waves, the power! Life is never boring. Let’s burn it all into passion! The magic will rock in your mouth!


Xi Shi | Waxberry, Mint

Beautiful color, special flavor, delicious and juicy. Just one bite can take you far away from the hot waves. And only few people know that there was a touching story behind the fruit with Xi Shi, who is one of the most beautiful ladies during the Chinese history. Ask our bartenders. They will tell you!


Nobilis | Apricot, Chamomile

There is a noble and elegant flower in the world. The ancient Egyptians sacrificed it to Rah. In Latin it’s called ‘NobiliS’, which means noble flower. It’s not only good for the plants around it, but also for people’s health. And now, this ‘NobiliS’ is waiting for you.



Whether you want to have a drink in the afternoon or in the evening while indulging the view of the Bund, come to enjoy yourself here in an Italian way!