8 ½ Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA Shanghai brand new Spring Menu


Let’s welcome the leisure Labor Day holiday with delicacies! 8 ½ Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA Shanghai will open for lunch time with brand new spring menu from May 1st. Chef Riccardo La Perna and the team present classic deliciousness of his hometown, Sicilia, Italy, via colorful diverse, and seasonal Italian dishes.



Busiate|Morelli’s artisanal pasta, sea urchins, fine herbs

The artisanal pasta from L’Antico Pastificio Morelli, the centennial Italian Brand, is made with wheat germ by traditional agricultural methods. With the fresh sauce mixed by almond oil, citrus and fine herbs, every bite is full of sea urchins’ sweet umami yet light taste.

(photo for reference only)


Asparagus|White asparagus gently poached, 5J ham, salad leaves

Tender and succulent, mild and sweet, the rare spring delicacy – white asparagus, is in season now. With the best-known Cinco Jotas 5J ham, aromas of two exquisite ingredients made surprising flavor.

(photo for reference only)


Sgroppino|Traditional & refreshing lemon ice cream-sorbet

Sgroppino is a frothy Italian dessert sorbet to cocktail originating in Venice, Italy. The sweet-sour taste makes the perfect end to lunch. The Sgroppino will be prepared before your eyes by our sommelier.

(photo for reference only)


Sommelier is making the Sgroppino

Every guest will receive the welcome Amuse bouche by chef, also Homemade bread. After dessert you may enjoy the special petit four.



We will open on 3rd May during the labor’s holiday, a la carte menu and set menu are available during lunch hours.