Black Treasure – the finest Black Winter Truffle at 8 ½ Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA Shanghai

After the closure of Alba white truffle, the other gorgeous ingredient – French black truffle makes a comeback! With top winter ingredients and the delicate, lasting aroma of black truffle, chef Riccardo La Perna will tickle your taste buds by his well-known black truffle dishes and take you to experience the intense aroma and flavor of earth, with floral and fruity overtones.

Seasonal French black truffle makes Chef Riccardo’s classic dishes more superior and enticing, just like embellishing diamond on them. The sophisticated flavor of black truffle bursts out in your mouth, what an enjoyable taste!

Best Selections


Chef’s signature black truffle tagliatelle is daily made by ingredients directly from Italy. Boiled with vegetable broth then added butter and Parmesan Cheese afterwards. Before delivering to the guests, we shave fresh black truffle on top. One of the most unforgettable flavor you will miss for the whole year!

Menu Price: RMB 588
Price may change based on daily ingredients



Black truffle is in the daily tasting menu “EVOLUZIONE” as well. Baked Scallop with seasonal vegetables, shaved black truffle on top. The refined aroma of black truffle brings out the sweetness of seafood. It’s a perfect match! Maybe you will find a “black” surprise on your plate, come and find out!

Menu Price: RMB 2680
Price may change based on daily ingredients



As the representative of Italian sweets, our handmade Gelato owns delicate yet light texture. With fresh black truffle on top, its rich flavor enhances the dessert to a higher ground.

Menu Price: RMB 288
Price may change based on daily ingredients



The last one is off menu – the beloved Black Truffle Risotto! Kitchen team may tailormade one for the guest depends on the daily ingredients. Don’t miss the warmest deliciousness in this winter.

Price: RMB 588
Limited, offering is based on site


Chef Riccardo shows you how to taste black truffle, come to try the black diamond on the table soon!