Winter Warmer Cocktails at 8 ½ Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA

Nothing warms the heart like a dreamy winter drink! 8 ½ Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA Shanghai launches four brand new winter cocktails designed by Bar Manager Jerry Ding, who is inspired to create this series around the world.

The four sophisticated winter cocktails are inspired by symbolic winter ingredients of different places around the world. Each of them represents signature winter elements.

Winter Cocktails

The first stop comes to the south of China. In Guangxi, people used to brew hawthorn tea in chilly winter to overcome cold. Hawthorn and Roselle infused Gin bring abundant aroma. Fruity, sweet and sour with spice fragrance all in it.

Let’s go to Beijing for the second stop! Streets are full of the sweet smell of Marrons Glaces in Beijing during this season. The lovely balance of sweet and smoky flavor of this delicacy warm the wintry undoubtedly. The dark rum owns the color of chestnut, together the diverse layers of honey and nutty elevate the full taste.

Then let’s move to Japan. As the representative of Japanese culture, Matcha takes the world by its jade-green color and unique bitter sweet taste. And when creamy chocolate meets Matcha, something magical happens! Vodka based, this cocktail perfectly blends irresistible chocolate and matcha fragrance, with beautiful green and red colors to welcome the upcoming festivals.

The last stop is North-America, Canada, one of the world’s leading countries for production high quality oats. The must have in Canada in winter are fireplace on the wall, scarf around the neck and of course, oatmeal in hand! Anejo Tequila based with aromas of oatwheat and hazelnut, a little thick and smoky cocktail bring you to Canada in one moment.

We look forward to welcoming you to join our cocktail journey around the world!