Antonello Picchedda – General Manager

Antonello was born in Sardinia and raised in Veneto.  His passion for the world of Food and Beverage dates back to his teenage years. After graduating from the Hotel Management School of Treviso, Antonello delved into an in-depth discovery of wines and became a professional Sommelier, certified by the Italian Sommelier Association (AIS).

Antonello worked for various iconic Relais and Chateaux hotels and restaurants between Veneto and Tuscany. During his military service between Friuli and Emilia-Romagna, he discovered his passion for cheese and olive oil. In 2005, he obtained the Master of Slow Food Award for extra virgin olive oil and national and international cheeses. In 2006, he opened his own gourmet shop in Treviso, which was awarded the national Slow Food Prize for “Shop of the Good Cheese”. In 2007, he obtained the diploma of cheese taster by the Italian Association ONAF (National Association of Cheese Tasters). In 2012, after exploring international viticulture in the United States and Australia, he landed in Hong Kong and started his F&B experience there, focusing on authentic Italian fine dining until 2016.

In 2017, he finally joined our company, “Lai Sun Dining”, becoming part of the staff of the modern and starred steakhouse “Beefbar”. In September 2018, he went to Paris to take part in a master class on beef cutting, lead by the famous Japanese Wagyu Butcher Noriaki Numamoto.  Antonello has just recently joined the “Otto e Mezzo” family, working alongside Chef Bombana to offer an authentic Italian dining experience to each and every guest.