Kenji Torres – Head Sommelier

Originally born and raised in the Philippines, Kenji moved to Hong Kong in 2008, where he started his career in the F&B area. His first experienced was working in a restaurant kitchen for two years. Afterward, he focussed to become a bar-tender for a couple of years, and eventually honed his skills in a western fine-dining concept in one of the busiest places in Hong Kong.

Kenji worked his way from the bottom to eventually become part of the management. Over the years, he extensively trained in both the Front and Back of the House.

In 2015, he started his career of specialisation in wines and obtained his first certification in 2016. The year after, he joined “Otto e Mezzo”. During this experience F&B field, he developed good interpersonal skills and greatly improved his wine knowledge.

Now Kenji, an Advanced Sommelier of The Court of Master Sommeliers, is managing the restaurant’s almost 7000 bottles of wines.