Dicky Chau – Bar Assistant Manager

Dicky Chau is from Hong Kong. Thanks to his past experience in the F&B field, he has become very driven and curious to learn more about fine dining and drinking.

Dicky started working in bars after his graduation, gaining strong interrelationship skills and expertise in the beverage area. He developed a special interest in mixology and in prized alcoholic beverages, in particular during his last three years at “Otto e Mezzo”.

According to Dicky, mixology is not just about mixing alcohols, but rather a form of art.  The real barmen are artists, as they need a great imagination to create well-balanced and elegant cocktails. Until they take a sip, they will never know if their drinks turned out as they expected, and how they will be appreciated by their customers. Therefore, all power of creation is in the hands of the mixologists, who are sorts of magicians able to create the perfect cocktails.